Siderise RV Vertical Cavity Barrier
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fire cavity barriers

fire cavity barriers

Use of effective fire cavity barriers can enhance the fire safety of a building, particularly when specifying for project builds with multiple levels. Pura Facades® supplies market leading products from both SIDERISE® and TENMAT. The wide choice of fire break systems we supply work by blocking the airflow cavity behind the cladding, allowing effective control of fire by reducing the spread of flame.

SIDERISE® fire cavity barrier systems

Composed of a non-combustible stone mineral wool lamella core, Lamatherm provides hot smoke and a fire seal to contain fire. this system includes products for both ‘open state’ horizontal barriers as well as vertical solutions.

The following SIDERISE® products are available from Pura Facades®:

  • SIDERISE® RH ‘Open State’ horizontal cavity barriers – RH50(G/S) and RH25(G/S)
    These systems are available for cavities up to 25mm and 50mm and are suitable for drained and ventilated facades.
  • SIDERISE® RV vertical cavity barriers
  • SIDERISE® foil tape
  • SIDERISE® support brackets – both galvanised and stainless steel options are available

Please note, products from our manufacturers are tested for fire performance. Contact your Pura Facades® representative for more details on the suitability of each product for your requirements.

Siderise RV Vertical Cavity Barrier
Siderise RV Vertical Cavity Barrier

TENMAT fire cavity barrier systems

TENMAT offer a range of ventilated fire barrier products to the construction market in a variety of sizes. they operate by rapidly expanding to seal the gap in the event of a fire but in normal condition, will maintain the cavity for ventilation.

Products available include cavity fire barrier roll, linear gap seal, and ventilated ‘open state’ cavity fire barrier systems for use as vertical or horizontal applications.

Linear gap seal – variety of thicknesses and widths, and supplied as linear gap or expansion joint seal, the intumescent material offers up to 50% compression, making it easy to fit without the need for additional sealant

Cavity fire barrier rolls – supplied as a 6.3 metre length and fire tested up to 30 minutes, a cost effective and quick to install solution

Open state cavity fire barriers – ‘VFB Plus’ from TENMAT supports cavity gaps from 50mm to 500mm with fire performance up to 2 hours, thanks to its high density mineral wool composition.

Tenmat Fire Barriers
Tenmat Fire Barriers
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