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Thanks to its composition of compressed and dry mix pine wood particles and cement, Viroc boards are highly durable but as easily workable as wood.

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Viroc panels appeal to architectural needs thanks to its’ natural appearance, which can be further enhanced by three different finishes: raw (unpolished), polished and sanded. The sanded finish highlights the visible wood particles on the surface of the board.


Viroc boards come with a 10 year warranty against deterioration and offer a European fire rating standard of B1. Viroc ventilated facade boards provide a high tolerance to moisture and give excellent thermal insulation for buildings. Other benefits of Viroc board include sound insulation (which varies according to thickness) and because of the natural composition of the board, Viroc is a eco-friendly, non-toxic material.

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*ochre, yellow and red have minimum **Other thicknesses available upon request ***Sanded only available on black & grey boards

Panel sizes
2600 x 1250mm
Panel sizes
3000 x 1250mm*
Panel thickness
Black & grey unsanded 8,10,12,16,19,22,25,28 & 32mm
Panel thickness
Black & grey sanded 8,12,15,18,21,24 & 28mm
Panel thickness
White, ochre, yellow and red unsanded 12mm**
Panel finishes
sanded & unsanded***

colours and surfaces

Viroc colour wheel
Colours may vary due to technical reasons and the printing process, please request a sample.


Viroc ventilated facade panels can be installed using a screw fix system or with adhesive, either onto a timber, aluminium or metal supporting structure. Please contact Pura Facades for full details on recommended fixing systems for varied applications of Viroc cement particle boards. General guidelines on Viroc board preparation:

Circular saws are ideal for thicknesses up to 19mm and for anything greater in thickness, the support of a workbench is recommended to ensure an even surface quality. For curved edges, a jigsaw is ideal (using the correct blade depending on wood or metal).

Conventional hammer drills are ideal for drilling.

The thickness tolerance of the sanded board is ± 0.3 mm. When the board is sanded, wood particles become visible on the board surface, enhancing the board’s natural appeal.

Machining of edges
Bevel, tongue-groove or half lap joints can be created onto the edge of the panel. The tooling pieces should be tungsten carbide.

Continuous and steady application is recommended to support a uniform finish to protect against UV and rain. Solvent based acrylic varnishes are ideal for application.

To help the longevity of the Viroc panel, it can be painted for decorative purposes with a large variety of paints or coatings.

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    Developed in Portugal, Viroc is a natural cement particle board used to create rustic and authentic external facades, walls, ceilings, floors and interior design.

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