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VETAbric Thorton Heath
VETAbric Thorton Heath, Forest Hill

VETAbric is unique as it is the only modular all-in-one brick slip system that separates the brick facing from the insulation, therefore creating a lightweight and easy to install facade option, fully adaptable to different insulation requirements.


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VETAbric, supplied by Pura Facades offers a wide range of standard UK brick options alongside a vast array of continental brick options. The panel is fully tested to EC standards. These brick slip panels can be fitted to standard aluminium wall bracket and vertical rail fixing systems, or screwed back to treated timber battens.


As an alternative to the traditional screw-fix installation of VETAbric panels, VETAbric+ is an innovative patented design which offering a unique click system. This is a seamless and slimline brick slip option which removes the need for mortar, making it ideal for all-year round installation. Unique and unrivalled in the market, VETAbric+ allows for a simpler, speedier and more cost effective install.

Key Features

  • 25mm thickness
  • Wide range of brick finishes
  • One man lift panels
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Adaptable panel sizes and formats
  • Dry ‘all-weather’ system for fast and easy installation
  • Corner, soffit and return panels available

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  • No bonding required with interlocking panels
VETAbric Perla Senso
VETAbric Ardo Liso


Vetabric panel sizes vary according to brick type and panel geometry required, or contact our technical or estimating team for more details.

colours and surfaces

VETAbric Coloris
Colours may vary due to technical reasons and the printing process, please request a sample.


The VETAbric system can be installed with or without the presence of insulation.

  • VETAbric

    Fixing onto concrete or aluminium – no insulation.

  • VETAbric example

    Fixing onto timber – no insulation

  • VETAbric how to

    Fixing onto concrete or aluminium – with insulation

  • VETAbric

    Fixing onto concrete, aluminium or timber frame.

  • VETAbric installing

    With this unique click system, the seamless brick panels can modernise the traditional look of brick, by creating a monolithic and contemporary impression. By eliminating the traditional grouting process, the overall look is pure and dirt free, with much slimmer joints.

    1. Installation of a starter profile.

  • VETAbric installation guide

    2. Installation of insulation in the profile.

  • VETAbric installation

    3. Fixing the insulation.

  • VETAbric installation

    4. Caulk to insulate from water and air.

  • VETAbric

    5. Drill and fix the starting angle.

  • VETAbric

    6. Interlock the brickslip panels on the side.

  • VETAbric

    7. Screw and adjust to facilitate.

  • VETAbric

    8. Interlock the angle on top.

  • VETAbric

    9. Continue interlocking all the panels on the side.

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