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MetSkin opens up a world of design possibilities for architects and contractors alike. With its sleek, modern appearance and clean lines, it effortlessly enhances the visual appeal of any structure, be it a new build or a remediation project. Whether you’re working on a residential high-rise, a commercial complex, or a public facility, MetSkin is the ideal choice for creating an impressive facade that leaves a lasting impression.

Designed to transform buildings into contemporary masterpieces, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics, durability and sustainability.

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Consisting of three primary system types: Hook- on Cassette System, Tray Panel System, and Interlocking Plank System. Each system is engineered to offer unique benefits and adaptability to a wide range of architectural styles & are composed of meticulously designed components, including cassettes, panels, and planks, engineered to facilitate easy installation, structural integrity, and aesthetic coherence. The three systems are designed to fit back to off-the-shelf support rails for all systems. This means there is no need for special C channels, mullions, or bespoke hanging systems, making MetSkin systems easier to order, quick to supply, and easier to locate and install on site.

Hook -On

Featuring a sleek appearance, the Hook-On system employs fully concealed fixings to maintain clean lines and a modern aesthetic. Cassettes are easily attached to a supporting substructure through a hook-on mechanism, ensuring efficient installation and future adaptability. The invisible fixing hook-on system has been expertly designed to ensure each panel can be removed individually for cleaning and maintenance if required. MetSkin’s vertical rails have two built-in hooks to receive the panels, eliminating the need to affix separate individual hooks that require careful alignment. This design allows for a narrow cavity, as the hook can be fitted to almost any flat surface—particularly useful in soffit applications or reduced cavity zones. MetSkin also offers the option of a half rail profile with a 40mm face incorporating the hook to affix the panel, providing a cost and labour saving solution when abutting to features such as doors and windows in the facade.

Tray Panel

Each panel is individually secured to the substructure using discreet fixings, ensuring efficient installation while preserving an uninterrupted appearance. The panel design allows for customisation in terms of dimensions, shapes, and finishes, granting architects and designers creative freedom to meet project-specific requirements. The attachment of each panel to the substructure employs discreet fixings that maintain the facade’s clean lines and visual harmony. The strategically placed, colour-matched fixings within the recessed panel joints create a seamless finish.


The Interlocking Plank System offers a versatile solution with its interlocking design, providing both structural stability and design flexibility. The planks are designed to fit seamlessly together, creating a continuous facade surface. The design of the Interlocking Plank System ensures structural stability through its interlocking mechanism. The planks are crafted to securely fit together, forming a continuous and visually engaging facade. Their interlocking profiles contribute to the facade’s robustness and aesthetic appeal, allowing for dynamic architectural designs.


Max Panel sizes - Hook On
Max Panel sizes - Tray
Panel sizes - Plank
3900 x 500mm
Panel thickness
2 & 3mm & 1050&3000 series
Panel finishes
Anodised Aluminium, PVDF Pre-Coated Aluminium & Powder Coated Aluminium

colours and surfaces

1000’s RAL colours, MetSkin panels can be perfectly colour-matched to all profiles, thanks to our in-house Qualicoat status and approval by major powder coat manufacturers.


MetSkin has been expertly designed using an innovative backing rail system to support multiple panel-type options. Our systems are designed to accommodate various substructure configurations while maintaining the integrity of the facade.


Our Hook-on cassette system features modified hooks to easily receive the panel ensuring maximum efficiency, saving time for installers.

Designed with contractors in mind. It’s easy to order, quick to supply, and straightforward to install and maintain.

Comprehensive installation instructions and guidelines are provided to ensure a seamless and efficient installation process.

  • Hook-On System

  • Plank System

  • Tray Panel System

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