Sheathing / fire protection boards

As part of a complete architectural through-wall solution, Pura Facades supply fire
protection boards from Kemwell Thermal Ltd.  FireKem FP 900 and MultiKem MP 1000 offer exceptional board strength, impact and moisture resistance, with the ability to withstand high temperatures. Lightweight and easy to install, Kemwell Thermal products offer an environmentally friendly solution for diverse applications.

Kemwell: FireKem FP 900

A1 non-combustible, lightweight and ideal for drywall construction, FireKem FP 900 offers up to 4 hours fire resistance in accordance to BS 476: Part 22: 1987 (depending on application)

FireKem FP900 is a multi-purpose calcium silicate board, suitable for ceilings, cavity barriers, partitions, walls and below floors to contain fire. It is used widely across commercial and industrial buildings as well as high rise construction projects. The alkalinity of the board makes it anti-bacterial, and the board is 100% asbestos-free.

For further information, download the FireKem FP900 product datasheet.

Kemwell MultiKem MP-1000

For interior and semi-exposed applications, Kemwell MultiKem MP-1000 offers up to 2 hours fire protection. Similar to FireKem, it is an A1 non-combustible fire resistant building board made out of calcium silicate.