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Ark Soane, Gunnersbury

Ark Soane, formparts
Ark Soane

the project

Product: Rieder Fibre C Formparts Fab

Colour: Polar White

Finish: Ferro

Amount: 487m²

Architect: Architecture Initiative

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the process

The innovation brought to the GRC world by Rieder also includes the versatility of creating lightweight concrete shaped or formed panels using various assembly methods called Formparts.
Curved panels can be produced on a large scale for applications such as curved balcony fascia panels, column wraparounds, curved façade features and internal cladding for areas such as lift shaft or central staircases. L shaped panels are popular for the external corners of a building or returns into windows for jambs, sills or soffits. Large U shaped panels add stature and elegance to façade bandings between glazing, running horizontally as a spandrel panel, vertically as a column casing or simply a vertical feature adding depth, solar shading and aesthetic interest and value to a grid layout across an elevation, particularly on large blocks for residential developments, municipal buildings and further education or research buildings.
Rieder GRC Formparts provide large scale pieces that give a building a stand out premium façade look, there are 3 main types of Formpart assembly;
Mono – Moulded in a pre-shaped mould to the desired geometry, removed then trimmed, surface finished, protected, labelled and carefully packed and palletised.
Formpart Fabricated 2.0 – The next generation assembled formed panel, looks exactly like a moulded panel from the outside, thanks to special corner filling and shaping using specialist machinery.
Formpart Fabricated – Pre-cut and mitre edged panels joined together precisely using special bracketry and filling compounds to create a perfect shape with super thin lines to the corners.
Assembled mitred panels to create a pre-assembled shaped piece – This is a more basic formed panel, using flat panels with specific mitred edges, brought together with brackets to the rear, and filled on the inside edge using fire proof sealant. The corner lines are visible with a thin joint line.
All the above provide an easy to fit pre -assembled L or U shape of varying sizes and angles, ready to hook onto the building. Curved panels are only available in the moulded ‘mono’ format.
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