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Referred to as Fibre C material, (Glassfibre concrete) one of the key benefits of this unique GRC product is its ability to be moulded and shaped whilst maintaining a thickness of only 13mm and a weight of 30kg per square metre. Each lightweight concrete flat panel can be formed in U-shapes or C-shapes for vertical fins or spandrel panels.

Other popular GRC formed panels we offer are arches, corner pieces, window corner side jambs or sloping windowsills – often designed in conjunction with flat panels across the façade. Thanks to the two layers of glass fibre mesh embedded in the concrete, the panels are very strong and impact resistant.

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The formparts horizontal feature band is easier to install and simpler to fix than traditional GRC or pre-cast. With a weight of only 30kg per square metre there’s a clear advantage in replacing pre-cast concrete pieces with Fibre C formparts. The advantages in using a thin lightweight concrete panel are obvious for load bearing and site lifting, and the strength of the GRC panels is not impaired – formparts even stands up well in bomb blast tests! These concrete façade panels offer a wide range of possibilities for printing on the surface of the panel, irradiating designs, cutting out ornaments or lettering or incorporating a relief-like surface.


Citizen M Hotel Wins at Ahead Awards
Citizen M Hotel Wins at Ahead Awards


2.5 x 1.2 m, 3.1 x 1.2 and 3.6 x 1.2
Special size
On request
Dimensional variation length
± 3 mm
Dimensional variation width
± 2 mm
13 mm (10 mm on request)
Thickness tolerance
± 1.3 mm
Thickness tolerance within one shipment
Edge straightness (Level 1)
± 0.1 %
Perpendicularity (Level 1)
± 2 mm/m

colours and surfaces

Colours may vary due to technical reasons and the printing process, please request a sample.


For Fibre C formparts installation, we recommend using three main fixing methods which include face fix, concealed fix with anchor and bolt, and concealed fix with adhesive. Bespoke fixing systems can also be recommended but for best results, speak to our technical team first on 0203 269 2052.

Fastening Rieder Fibre C formparts
Despite their length Fibre C formparts can be attached to any building with only 2 fixing points per element. At the crossover points i.e. where horizontal & vertical elements meet, both elements can be mounted at a common point on the building: this also allows for substructure savings. Thanks to the lightweight nature of the elements, just 13mm, as well as the great spans, less material is required in the substructure. The pre-assembly of wall anchors allows for a fast assembly which will not be affected by the elements. The Fibre C formed parts are mounted on the substructure & fine-tuned. The uniform handling guarantees a fast & efficient assembly. Thus, Fibre C formparts are an economic solution for the entire building casing.

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    Citizen M

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