Terracotta Facades by Faveton

Developed in Spain with over 50 years’ experience in the production of Terracotta panels, bricks and formed shapes, the Faveton range is supplied exclusively by Pura Facades. The BRE certified terracotta cladding combines the clays natural beauty with proven durability.

The Faveton terracotta pieces are extruded terracotta paste tiles designed with a wide range of formats, colours and finishes to create a building with a modern, innovative appearance whilst at the same time, preserving the traditional appearance of terracotta. 

The lightweight environmentally friendly material can withstand the coldest winters and warmest British summers, with little to no maintenance. Thanks to its natural composition and production under high temperatures, the baked clay panels come as standard with an A1 class fire rating. Furthermore, Faveton terracotta ventilated facade panels naturally provide thermal benefits to boost the thermal efficiency of buildings.

Thanks to its ability to reflect external noise pollution, Faveton terracotta ventilated facades has a high level of acoustic reduction thanks to the face layers created when installing a ventilated facade. Ventilated facades create an added layer of protection against rainwater and condensation, however, Faveton’s Ceram terracotta tongue and groove panel design goes a step further preventing any water entering through open cavities.

Alongside tests to determine the panels reaction to fire, achieving an A1 rating, Faveton terracotta panels are BRE tested and approved. Thanks to the low absorption (less than 1%) properties of terracotta, environmental pollution does not tend to penetrate the panel surface, therefore rainwater usually provides a sufficient clean to restore panels to their best. All Faveton terracotta panels are produced of natural clay and can be classed as environmentally sound, plus the panels deliver on thermal efficiency, low maintenance and prevention of corrosion.

• A1 fire rating      • BRE approved      • Moisture resistant      • No maintenance    • Sustainable material

The Faveton range consists of seven different product options to suit most design needs, from large panels, to louvers and brick tiles. To create a truly unique terracotta facade, Faveton Special Tiles can be designed to fulfil bespoke criteria.

The Ceram range of extruded hollow-core ceramic tiles come in 5 heights, and a range of lengths and colours, to suit your design requirements. Ceram’s tongue and groove design removes the risk of any direct water entry into the ventilation chamber. Additionally Ceram Sorol slotted panels create the illusion of multiple smaller planks.

Height: 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500mm (between axes)
Length: Up to 1500mm (dependant on height and thickness)
Thickness: 20 and 28mm

Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications, Faveton Aqua breaks away from the static nature of a flat façade and is available with either a flat or ruffled texture.

Height: 300, 400 and 500mm (between axes)
Length: Up to 1200mm
Thickness: 20mm

The latest addition to the Faveton terracotta façade range, Innova emulates the aesthetics of wood, rock, cement or textiles with a ceramic façade composition to provide the greatest flexibility.

Height: 300, 400 and 500mm (between axes)
Length: Up to 1200mm
Thickness: 20mm

These hollow core terracotta tiles combine the advantages of being a lightweight and economical façade. Bersal tiles are recommended for façade restoration and are available in both flat and slotted designs.

Height: 200, 250, 300 and 400mm (between axes)
Length: Up to 1200mm dependant on height.
Thickness: 16mm

Squared, rectangular, spherical and angled louvers can be created suiting varied project specifications. 
Full dimensions can be found in the Faveton brochure.

Special Tiles
The wide range of specialist pieces cover a large variety of basic modulation needs, adapting to the architecture. Columna special tiles emulate thin fins. Coronacion and Peldano pieces provide crowning and gutter pieces respectively, in lengths up to 1,200mm. Esquina extruded special tiles are available with either 90 or 135 degree angles.
Full dimensions can be found in the Faveton brochure.

Brick Tiles
Terracotta brick tiles offer 8 different sizing options with matching corner profiles. With over 30 colours and finish options of natural brick, sand-blasted and enamelled, Faveton terracotta brick tiles have an option to suit most design needs.

Height: 75 and 150mm
Length: Up to 300mm
Thickness: 16mm

For full information on the Faveton range please contact us.

For full dimensions, download the brochure

Faveton Nature Colours

Faveton offers a wide variety of finishes and tones to emulate sand and limestones, finished with either a smooth or sandblasted aesthetic.  The new metallic tones from the colour range add a modern twist on traditional terracotta panels. Colours are organised into three ranges which cover most design tones and textures.

The Nature range of natural clay colours is a wide range of tones with either a smooth or grainy finish, available in 8 colours.

A range of standard Enamelled Colours are available, produced with a coloured clay base and three finish options of smooth, slate or enamelled.

A range of Special Colours are available including the metallic range, created using a specialist enamel with light catching metallic particles. Gold, silver, copper and black tones are available. Faveton also offer a bright range of colours and finishes which can be customised to suit your design needs.

Innova Colour Chart

Within the Brick tile range, there are 28 natural colours and 6 enamelled colours.

The latest range from Faveton, INNOVA offers a catalogue of colours with stone-like, wood, marble, and cement surfaces.

To discover the full colour range download the latest colour brochure.




Faveton terracotta cladding panels can be installed onto a wide range of backing structures using a number of methods. All Faveton panels are installed without any visible fixings.

The most popular installation method, known as SAH (Horizontal Anchorage System) by Faveton can be seen below; SAH can be used to install Ceram, Innova and Aqua terracotta panels. The SAH system consists of an aluminium substructure of vertical profile connections fixed using L profiles, known as corbels. There are two types of corbel available, each designed to either support the facades weight (sustenance corbel) or to hold up wind force (retention corbel).

Terracotta panels can be installed onto walls, as a ventilated or non-ventilated facade dependant on the fixing system used. The Faveton installation systems use either aluminium or galvanised steel sub-structures. The range of installation systems means Faveton terracotta panels are able to be fixed in either a horizontal or vertical pattern. Specialist installation systems are also available for Faveton Louvers, Special and Brick Tiles.

For further installation guidance download the Faveton brochure.

For assistance choosing the most appropriate fixing system speak to our technical team first on 0203 269 2052.

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