Fibre C 3D – Videos

FibreC 3D The Third Dimension.

The video ‘The Third Dimension’ provides an insight into the development and production of the latest generation of FibreC products. Company founder and inventor of FibreC, Wolfgang Rieder, talks about the R&D process and his personal motivation to push Rieder concrete solutions to a higher level day by day.

FibreC fins.

Load test FibreC fins at the Bautechnische Versuchs – und Forschungsanstalt Salzburg. As the material is deformable, fibreC panels can be shaped smoothly over corners and edges, giving architects plenty of scope in the design of individual facades. These incredible 3.60 meter long fins can be used as permanent sun protection – providing a creative design element for building envelopes – or maybe something else? We are looking forward to extraordinary applications and exciting projects!

Concrete with Character – The University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is dominated by fibreC and fibreC 3D elements. The LLC rises as a polygonal block from the heart of the University Campus. The interior of the LLC is informed by the external landscape of the masterplan which maps out the different levels. The straight lines of the building’s exterior separate as they move inward, becoming curvilinear and fluid to generate a free-formed interior canyon that serves as the principal public plaza of the centre.