VETAbric, a lightweight brick slip system

VETAbric by VETA France, have created the thinnest brick slip cladding solution with an adaptable insulated panel. Offering a huge range of brick colours and texture options, VETAbric is a lightweight solution making it easy to install all year round.

VETAbric offers cut sections of a brick or ‘slips’ as they are known, bonded at high temperatures to a fire resistant backing panel. The complete system includes cladding panels in flat or return pieces, fixings, starter profiles and end profiles, with different mortar types to achieve the required aesthetic finish.

VETAbric is unique as it is the only modular all-in-one brick slip system that separates the brick facing from the insulation, therefore creating a lightweight and easy to install facade option, fully adaptable to different insulation requirements.

VETAbric, supplied by Pura Facades offers a wide range of standard UK brick options alongside a vast array of continental brick options. The panel is fully tested to EC standards. These brick slip panels can be fitted to standard aluminium wall bracket and vertical rail fixing systems, or screwed back to treated timber battens.

Ample choice and design possibilities 

Brick slip has fast become a popular choice due to the huge variety of formats and finishes it can offer and VETAbric is no different. These panels lend themselves to being highly adaptable for varied design and build projects. Whether you are looking for a smooth, hand-moulded, structured or even aged finish, VETAbric supplied by Pura Facades offers architects and design and build contractors endless choice when creating the desired aesthetic.

This brick slip all-in-one system comprises of standard or pre-formed corner piece panels, mechanical fasteners, starter profiles and finishing profiles. A complete range of accessories can be used to process frontage angles, bays or any singular points – helping to complete a beautiful brick slip facade.

As an alternative to the traditional screw-fix installation of VETAbric panels, VETAbric+ is an innovative patented design which offering a unique click system. This is a seamless and slimline brick slip option which removes the need for mortar, making it ideal for all-year round installation. Unique and unrivalled in the market, VETAbric+ allows for a simpler, speedier and more cost effective install.

Key Features 

  • 25mm thickness
  • Wide range of brick finishes
  • One man lift panels
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Adaptable panel sizes and formats
  • Dry ‘all-weather’ system for fast and easy installation
  • Corner, soffit and return panels available
  • No bonding required with interlocking panels

The advantage of using brick slip systems over traditional bricks include speed of assembly and the ability to hang panels like in a ventilated facade cladding system, providing better insulation solutions and thermal performance to the building. In addition the range of aesthetic finishes, colours and ready-made sections such as corner pieces and 3 sided feature pieces offer almost unlimited design options.

Ideal for new construction projects or renovations, external insulation or as a decorative feature panel, VETAbric is a highly adaptable facade choice suiting a wide variety of projects.

Its modular nature, thermal insulation properties and ease of installation are key advantages that make VETAbric a popular choice. These brick slip panels are an aesthetically pleasing solution to provide thermal insulation from the outside of a building, meeting exacting thermal requirements for a building, supporting longer term cost efficiency for the client.

Furthermore, the simplicity and ease of installation of these brick slips enables high productivity levels to be achieved.

  • Endless choice of Brick slip colours 

The extensive range of structures and colours in the VETAbric range, combined with every shade of grout imaginable, allows you to create truly unique facades with character. Customised components can also be designed and manufactured. We offer brick slip panels from various well-known terracotta facing brick suppliers, including Wienerberger Feldhaus, Les Rairies, Nelissen, and Röben.

  • Ease of handling

The advantages of using VETAbric include ‘one man lift’ panel sizes. Standard panels measure approximately 0.43m² and weigh only 12 kg. A thickness of just 25mm can be achieved, making VETAbric an easy facade option for ease of handling.

  • Varied mounting options

VETAbric fits all mounting configurations, lending itself to varied design project types. These numerous configurations include installation directly onto timber frame / concrete or masonry structures, without any loss of depth. VETAbric can be combined with insulation or be mounted on a simple timber batten structure.

As a leading brick slip product, VETAbric is a complete system featuring standard or corner piece prefabricated cladding panels, mechanical fastenings, start sections and finishing sections, polyurethane filler, and grout.

Std panel dimensions:        1,044 x 462mm, 1,024 x 462mm, 908 x 462mm

Std panel thickness:            25mm

Std panel weight:                 Approx. 12.5kg

For a full list of dimensional variances according to your requirements, contact Pura Facades. 

The VETAbric system can be installed with or without the presence of insulation and onto either concrete, aluminium or a timber frame substrate.

Fixing onto concrete or aluminium – no insulation.

Fixing onto timber – no insulation
Fixing onto concrete or aluminium – with insulation

Fixing onto concrete, aluminium or timber frame.

Typical install process of VETAbric+ (on insulation)

With this unique click system, the seamless brick panels can modernise the traditional look of brick, by creating a monolithic and contemporary impression. By eliminating the traditional grouting process, the overall look is pure and dirt free, with much slimmer joints.

1. Installation of a starter profile.

2. Installation of insulation in the profile.

3. Fixing the insulation.

4. Caulk to insulate from water and air.

5. Drill and fix the starting angle.

6. Interlock the brickslip panels on the side.

7. Screw and adjust to facilitate.

8. Interlock the angle on top.

9. Continue interlocking all the panels on the side.







The VETAbric range is vast with a choice of more than 100 manufactured brick designs. Choose from hand moulded bricks, mechanically made bricks or glazed. You can select your brick slip from the vast majority of brick manufacturers to create your desired aesthetic. Our brick slip ranges are sourced from leading manufacturers as Wienerberger Feldhaus, Les Rairies, Nelissen, and Röben.


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