Calder House

Calder House

Calder House, Liverpool

The exclusive Calder House residential development in Calderstones Park, Liverpool highlights how contrasting shapes can create a striking design. The use of oko skin in Ivory and Anthracite are in stark contrast, emphasised by the darker Anthracite fin slicing through the building. The use of curved panels creates a smooth uninterupted line sweeping around the development, and is also in contrast to the sharpness of the statement fin.

Cladding Product: Oko skin

Colour: Ivory and Anthracite

Panel type: Flat and curved panels

Finish: Mix of ferro and ferro light

Thickness: 13mm

Fixing system: Face fix


  • 510 sq.m Ivory flat panels
  • 375 sq.m Anthracite flat panels
  • 100 lm Ivory curved panels

Architect: FCH Architects

Main Contractor: Delph Projects

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