Alpine shelter – A room with a view

This project has been developed from an architectural design studio at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, AKT II and OFIS architects. 13 students were faced with the challenges of designing an innovative, yet practical shelter to meet the needs of the extreme Alpine climate. Inspired by the vernacular architecture of Slovenia with its rich and diverse architectural heritage, the selected bivak is able to endure the harsh conditions of wind, snow, landslides and terrain.

Searching for a suitable material for the facade, which corresponds both to the strict weather conditions as well as the requirements for environmentally friendly and resource-saving products, the Harvard GSD project team contacted Rieder.

Among all entries one design was selected to be realised on Mountain Skuta in Slovenia. For the outer shell the architects have chosen öko skin, as the concrete slats withstand extreme mountain conditions and offer long-term resistance. Concrete is a sustainable material which embodies durability and fire resistance (class A1 – incombustible). öko skin consists of natural materials and its authentic appearance corresponds with surrounding landscape and mountains. The silvergrey colour and the sandblasted surface of the facade are in harmony with the barren mountain landscape.

The alpine shelter is located on Mountain Skuta in Slovenia. Its position within the wilderness respects the natural resources while having a minimal impact on the ground.


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