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Wood facades add an important design element to both traditional and modern architecture; however the main disadvantages of timber are its high maintenance requirements and its lack of durability in the long term, particularly when highly exposed to the elements. Rieder Oko Skin offers an ideal alternative to timber or wood facades. The slender glassfibre concrete panels offer class A1 fire protection and are non-combustible. The colour and texture variations within each panel are a feature of the natural product and provide depth to the concrete material. Oko Skin panels do not require sanding or painting before application, proving ideal for quick and simple installation. Please note that as the panels are not chemically treated or painted, small defects, dents, tension lines or flaws may be visible; a natural feature of concrete.

Oko Skin is easy to install and comes in a kit with fixing advice. Each pack contains equal amounts of textured and smooth planks to create the visual interest and texture differential. This means the aesthetic is varied without having to use different colours. Rieder Oko Skin can be used on large scale facades as well as on small projects such as porches, conservatories, patios, garden sheds, garages, fences and more.

Oko Skin – as beautiful as wood, as sustainable as concrete. Visit the Oko Skin Gallery to view the natural material in use.

Oko Skin is available in 3 plank sizes. Oko Skin can be cut to size and drilled directly onsite. If material is cut on site, please note that the plank edges do not require sealing after cutting.

Oko Skin Slat Standard Size:

  • 1800 x 147mm

Slat Thickness:

  • 13mm

Oko Skin Flex:

In addition to the standard size of 1800mm x 147mm other formats within a width of 105mm – 302mm and within a length from 600mm – 2400mm are available upon request. The slats can be cut to size and holes can be drilled by the craftsman directly on site. Edges do not require sealing after cutting the slats.

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Oko Skin colours

Colours may vary due to technical reasons and the printing process, please request a sample.

Rieder Oko Skin offers a distinct advantage over other colour-treated materials by creating a consistant colouring through the whole panel. The mixture of the desired colour is created before the actual production process and becomes part of the product by being added in the blending of the raw materials. Oko Skin is coloured by ferric oxide colours and natural additions and subsequently sandblasted. The pigments used in the liquid colours are UV and weather resistant and not soluble in water, providing durable, long lasting colour. Due to the characteristics of natural cement, variations in colour within a panel and/or production batch may occur and are intended. To avoid any discrepancies in the material, we recommend placing full orders so the batch is cohesive.

Rieder Oko Skin is available in 10 natural colours which blend beautifully with nature and the environment.

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Rieder Oko Skin slat wall panels are used as façade cladding and mounted on a substructure. The type of battening required depends on which laying pattern is chosen for the façade. The slat wall panels can be installed both horizontally and vertically and can be fastened with screws to a wooden substructure or with rivets or adhesive to an aluminium substructure.

Colour matched screws and rivets are available in all 10 Oko Skin colours. Slats with 302mm width can also be installed as lap siding, where the concrete slats are fastened to the battens at an angle to form an overlapping joint or ship-lapping style.

Oko skin fixing diagram
Face fix 2
Fixing Requirements- Screws on wood-substructure:

  1. Wall/brickwork
  2. Counter battening, opt. insulation
  3. Main battening
  4. Sheet of waterproofing
  5. Waterstop/joint tape
  6. Oko Skin slat wall panels
  7. Screw
  8. Open joint 8mm
Fixing Requirements- Rivets on metal-substructure:

  1. Wall
  2. Thermal separator
  3. Wall bracket
  4. Insulation with sheeting
  5. Bracket screw
  6. Vertical profile
  7. Oko Skin panel
  8. Rivet & sleeve

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